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About Crown Business Solutions

Crown Business Solutions was originally established in 2002 focusing primarily on business transitioning assistance to business sellers. In 2008, the business was merged with MET Enterprises to offer a full range of professional services to the business owner. Crown’s primary mission — to optimize businesses’ productivity and profitability and to help business owners to better understand, or develop if needed, the metrics that drive their business. This mission also applies when assisting in the transition of a business from a seller to a new owner.  The ultimate goal — to help the business owner increase their immediate and future income and return on investment from the business.


Crown Business Solutions helps owners and managers establish clear and measurable short and long-term business objectives and to design and implement practical strategies or processes to accomplish these objectives. The result is a productive and profitable business with consistent, efficient systems and a professional team culture that maximizes the business’ performance and value in the marketplace.