Crown Business Solutions | Business Planning and Expansion
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Business Planning and Expansion

Whether embarking on a new facility, a new business activity or department, a new product or service offering, or simply a new fiscal year, planning is an essential aspect of appropriate business management.


  • Business Model Development and Start-up Consulting

Properly determining a business model for staffing and operations of a new business, or even a new department in an existing business, critically impacts the probability of success or failure of the new activity. This vital step in the development of any business plan requires input from a variety of expertise. Crown advisors excel in creatively constructing business frameworks on which a business activity can profitably perform and produce and be scaled for future growth.


  • Business Expansion and Forecasting Assistance

Similarly to a business start-up planning, thorough expansion planning and proper forecasting can “make or break” a business. One of the most common errors made by business owners when planning for growth is relying on overly optimistic projections. This is usually financially devastating. Having the experience of unbiased Crown advisors can help to ensure that the expansion plan is realistic and implementation is successful.


  • Business Plan Preparation and Goal Setting Guidance

Preparing a written business plan (for internal management guidance, external funding, expansion planning, or otherwise) IS a daunting task. Just establishing realistic tangible and measurable goals and objectives for a business, which is at the core of a business plan, is often a struggle for most business owners. However, forging into a business endeavor without establishing appropriate written plans or goals is like driving across the country on back roads without a map, compass, or GPS. Crown advisors can ensure that you have a clear destination and directions before you embark on the journey!