Crown Business Solutions | Business Transitioning (Selling the Business)
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Business Transitioning (Selling the Business)

The process of selling a business is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. Business transactions rarely happen quickly and must be handled delicately with patience and determination. Whether on the seller side or the buyer side of the transaction, experienced representation and guidance during the process is worth its weight in gold.


  • Business Brokerage Services (Marketing and Seller Representation)

Most business owners do not sell businesses frequently enough in their career to be an expert in it. Additionally, a business is worth the most when the owner is actively managing it to ensure that it is operating at peak performance. An owner trying to run their business and sell their business on their own without professional assistance will pay a significant price. While they may think they are saving a few thousand dollars in transition expenses, not employing the expertise of a qualified broker, business owners lose tens of thousands of dollars in purchase price because the business isn’t maintaining optimum performance due to the loss of revenues up until the transaction date. Crown advisors market businesses to a national pool of buyers and have years of experience in selling businesses and representing owners in these transactions.


  • Business Acquisition Guideline
Buying an existing business and determining the right price for which to purchase a business are some of the riskiest ventures anyone will ever undertake.  Therefore, even the most savvy business people seek qualified assistance from others when doing so.  There are numerous common mistake made by buyers when buying a business, especially if the buyer has never experienced the business acquisition process.  These mistakes can easily cost them in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

Crown advisors are not typically paid only if a transaction takes place.  They are generally compensated on a service rate basis with their only motive being to share their expertise and professional opinions with clients.  As a result, clients are empowered to make wiser decisions based on experienced unbiased input from their advisor and significantly reduce the risks of making poor business decisions.


  • Business Transition Preparation
Before embarking on the process of marketing a business for sale in this extremely difficult and competitive market, there are several things that a business owner should prepare for in the business.  Crown advisors can guide the selling business owner through this process and provide for the most advantageous position for the business as it is being marketed. As a bonus, Crown advisors may be able to make suggestions during this process to business owners that will have long-term positive effects on the overall performance of the company.


  • Business Valuation Assistance

One of the most common mistakes that a business owner makes when attempting to sell their business on their own is establishing a selling price.  More often than not, their established price is based more on emotion or their personal investment than it is market value.  Determining a fair market value for the business can be the difference between a successful business transition and a frustrated seller with a declining attitude towards the business.  Crown advisors can help to establish a fair market value for the business to minimize the risk of the business “sitting on the market” for an extended period of time.  They can also provide a fair assessment of the “business for sale landscape” to determine the most opportune time for placing the business on the market.