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Human Resources

Remember, “Systems run businesses and
people run systems!”


Without the proper systems in place, not even the right people can cause a business to optimally perform. But with the right people, businesses can operate and maintain proper systems ensuring the business’ success. However, managing the human element of a business is the riskiest activity that a business owner will face.


  • Human Resource Consulting

Having the right people not only requires that employees have the skills to properly run and maintain the systems, but they must also possess the characteristics that breed the culture that the business desires. Developing this is a function of finding the competent and quality people, having the right training in place to teach them the systems, and having appropriate protocols and procedures in place to monitor and manage their performance. Crown advisors ensure that business owner understands the human elements involved to ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions and managed properly for the business to maximize its performance and the owner to minimize their risk.


  • Resume Screening and Candidate Interviewing Assistance

Identifying competent and quality employees is as much an art form as a science and is extremely time consuming. Advertising for a position, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and conducting initial face-to-face interviews is an expensive distraction from normal business operations. Not to mention that, unless an owner is involved in hiring on a regular basis and is familiar with appropriate protocols in doing so, properly qualifying an employee candidate can be a very risky process. Using an extremely cost-effective approach, experienced Crown advisors relieve the owner or management from the burden of identifying and qualifying suitable candidates and present them to the business owner to conclude the hiring process, if desired.


  • Employee Performance and Accountability Coaching

Once an employee has been given their job duties, it is management’s responsibility to ensure that the employee is adequately performing those duties. Properly administering enforcement of this is a delicate process and is risky. Crown advisors not only train management to know what to monitor in order to ensure employee performance, but more importantly, how to address the situation and remedy the problem when performance or attitude is inadequate.


  • Personnel and Management Training

Occasionally, businesses need formal individual employee training or entire staff training or team building in order to reach business goals. Crown advisors help business owners determine the specific training needed to get the maximum from their employees and identify and secure the specific training expertise required. Crown is well-connected with a wealth of resources for individual employee and management training and is poised to effectively serve clients in this area.