Crown Business Solutions | Specialized Services for Dental Practices
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Specialized Services for Dental Practices

“It has been my consistent observation for more than 20 years of advising dentists that the value of a practice has little to do with the quality of dentistry performed.  Rather, it has far more to do with the ability of the dentist to be a good Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and VP of Human Resources.”

Norton Hindley III, A.S.A.

Author: Getting Down to Business: Success in Each Stage of Your Dental Career


Crown Business Solutions’ advisers provide highly specialized operations and management consulting services specifically designed to address the many unique challenges faced by dental practices and practitioners.  In doing so, they are able to determine the root cause of challenges within the practice, then, develop and implement strategies for improved performance.  The objective is to enable the doctor to be a good “Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and VP of Human Resources” by having more effective systems and procedures in place.  These services are aligned with Crown’s primary mission and goal — to optimize the productivity and profitability of the dental practice in order to maximize the immediate and future income and return on investment for the doctor.